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Below are examples of testimonials from customers that have used our services.


The wraps look fantastic around our pedestals in Downtown Vancouver. They are very effective against graffiti as I notice those pedestals were not tagged as often as before and that now they are much easier to clean. Your service was efficient and very accommodating to our needs.

Thank you.


Mike Pun

AScT | Planner - Vancouver West | Shaw Cablesystems G.P. | 900-1067 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 3T5 | Email.


We’ve had almost a year of service from the wraps you installed at the Whalley Skytrain station. We are very pleased with the installation and performance of the product. To date we have not experienced any significant graffiti tags or any unwanted billboard signs. This is difficult to achieve because of the very high number of graffiti vandals operating in the Whalley area. We hope to find funding for more wraps in the future.

Murray Keith, P.Eng.
Manager, Distribution Maintenance
Strategic Asset Management
BC Hydro
6911 Southpoint Drive (E10)
Burnaby, BC V3N 4X8
Phone: 604-528-2485
Fax: 604-528-7945

To Whom it may concern,

RE:Clearvision Media

Clearvision Media was contracted to provide photo shrink wrap for the District of Maple Ridge. The wraps were applied to our grey traffic control cabinets within the town centre as part of our town beautification project.

Photos were provided by Municipal Staff through a contest process. The winning photos were then supplied to Clearvision Media for application at various locations throughout the town centre. This process built on community pride and the district has received many positive comments for the project.

Service provided by Clearvision Media was excellent. They were very accommodating to our needs and provided a very professional product.

Michael Eng, AScT.
Transportation Technologist
Disctrict of Maple Ridge

RE:Clearvision Media

Clearvision Media has been providing anti-graffiti photo applications to city owned traffic controllers for approximately two years.

Their product and service are top-notch, delivered in a timely and professional manner.

The City has received many positive comments on this program in regards to elimitating graffiti and beautification of the City.


Tim Smith

Electrical Services
Corporation of the City of New Westminster

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